StuART Studio has been in operation since February 2010, and has enjoyed great local success.  A new studio was completed in the Fall of 2012 to accommodate ever-increasing enrollments.
All classes are taught by Gwen Campbell, an experienced artist, licensed art educator, preschool teacher and mom. In her lively lessons, Gwen draws on her lifelong love of art, aesthetics and the creative process and engenders that love in her students.  With bachelors degrees in both art history and art education, as well as twenty years of experience teaching art classes, Gwen easily engages your young student in a variety of colorful art experiences.
StuART Studio is conveniently located within minutes of The Avenues at Libbie and Grove and Willow Lawn Shopping Center.

"My student has loved your classes and he feels special going to the SSS."


"She really liked the projects she worked on and was very proud of them."


"My child has loved using all different mediums to make very creative art."

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